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Private LTE

Today’s IT-centric businesses are fueled by connectivity. But, as more data and applications move into the cloud and billions of new devices require rapid processing, the static nature of bandwidth services creates a problem. Private LTE includes core network nodes and cell sites, which provide independent cellular network to enterprises. It caters to customized network demand for mission-critical applications, reducing latency in the network. Private LTE is favorable for some distributed-enterprise use cases that include airports, Health Care facilities, oil/gas extraction, ports, railroads, factories, amusement parks, agriculture, warehouses, elements of smart cities, stadiums, and mines. It can also be deployed across extremely remote areas with poor cellular coverage.

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At ITRemedy we are passionate about delivering connectivity in a secure, reliable, and efficient way. Leveraging our deep industry expertise and using analytical rigor we help our customers to architect next generation networks. Our experts analyze your connectivity needs and tailor the connectivity infrastructure to fit your current and future needs.

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A well-designed, well-implemented, well-supported network

Remember, your network is the superhighway that drives all the interactions and communications in your building. Every system and application run over this infrastructure. That is why it is imperative to install a well-designed, well-implemented, well-supported network.

Design and Architecture

We design and Architect private LTE network to support specific business model tailored to the needs of each business. In some instances, low latency may be the most important condition, and in others, ironclad security may be the priority. We work with our customers to define requirement and tailor network architecture to get highest RoI and lowest TCO.


We ensure that network is configured to support required security and performance standards. Private LTE networks offer an unprecedented ability to configure a network to meet a company’s needs. This includes setting priority levels for certain types of data, managing latency and reliability and dedicating spectrum to specific uses to meet quality-of-service requirements.

Technology Selection

There are a whole host of equipment vendors in the marketplace that produce LTE eNodeBs of all sizes to meet your needs, and many existing handsets and other IoT devices already work in the bands most likely to support private LTEnetworks. More critical – is the choice of spectrum and it is more complicated. Several options are available in US markets, we will create a right technology blueprint to align with specific goals and business models.


LTE offers a particularly robust, up-to-date set of security features. And in a private deployment, the operator has the control to implement any or all of LTE’s advanced security features. As a part of Technology selection, we will create a blueprint of required security features required out of LTE’s optional security features, thus strengthening the cybersecurity posture and customizing the network to meet the particular security and operational needs.


The Industrial and Critical networks’ data traffic patterns are different from Commercial grade networks. In a Commercial network, it is all about how much the users can download. In Industrial and Critical networks, it is very often the opposite and all about how much the user can upload to the network. As an example, O&G, Mining, and utility IoT traffic and exponentially growing SCADA traffic. For health care it’s about video feeds from either surveillance or Video cams and real-time video sensors; the public networks are just not designed for this, nor should they be, they serve a different purpose. Integration with specific business model and use case is the key for Private LTE networks to leverage the full functionality ensure highest RoI of private LTE.

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