Common Sense Cybersecurity Measures People Ignore

It is difficult to remember what it was like before the Internet became such an integrated part of our daily lives. However, as our digital world expands, the value of the data we store and share online increases. The creation of this cyber economy has produced a new breed of criminals who profit from stealing  identities and confidential information. As such, we need to take proactive steps and put measures in place to protect ourselves from these growing cyber threats.

Our ability to interact and transact online has fundamentally changed the way we conduct business and interact with the rest of society. However, as we use common sense to protect ourselves in the real world, there are a few commonsense cybersecurity rules we can utilize to protect our data and identities in the digital realm. Too many people choose to ignore cyber security until it is too late.

So, with ransomware attacks more rampant than ever, there are several methods people can use to avoid getting caught out. It is important for people and organizations to stay informed on emerging threats and techniques. ITRemedy is committed to help Small Businesses quantify and prioritize the threat landscape and create a sustainable cyber security strategy.

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