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ITRemedy / Happy Computer Inc.

Serving Small Businesses since 1995

ITRemedy/Happy Computer Inc. is a company that provides expertise in Technology support, Cyber security including threat monitoring, business continuity and data protection. We cater to the small, medium business and residential users. We have been meeting technology needs of small and medium business here in Plano since 1995. Our company was founded as Happy Computer Inc. with one goal which is to provide enterprise level IT support to small businesses and avoid the pitfalls associated with excessive reliance on independent freelance consultants, or mass-market computer support firms

At ITRemedy we believe reliable access to technology is the key to survive in this connected world. ITRemedy team strives to provide same level of support for business continuity to small business as large enterprises. Everyone needs to assume technology is going to go down sometimes, at ITRemedy we make technology resilient enough to quickly recover from the outage as soon as possible.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the only thing that seems certain is that it will impact businesses, particularly the way they operate and use technology. AT ITRemedy we are supporting small business to enable remote work securely. In a time of crisis, ITRemedy is helping its clients to explore the many ways technology can help sustain operations; whether it be in terms of maintaining communications, delivering goods and services, and gearing up for a drastically changed future.

There have been many great technology advances over the last 10 years–advances in things like productivity, mobility, and artificial intelligence. These are promising capabilities, but they are also complex. Small businesses do not always have the time or the resources to determine how to take advantage of these capabilities, or how to use them to grow their business in a way that also protects their data. At ITRemedy we are committed to bring state of the art technologies to small businesses. Give us a call today to discuss how ITRemedy team help your business to stay competitive in this digital age.

ITRemedy/Happy Computer Inc.
Founded In:


Located In:

Plano, Texas

Assets Protected:

$100 million

Working with ITRemedy allows small business to:

Get full time IT Support!

Small businesses often depend on freelance consultants for their day to day IT support. While freelance consultants carry less overhead than full-service support organizations and can afford to charge nominally smaller fees, they are often stretched too thin to respond quickly to urgent and complex situations. Technology is the lifeline of today’s business and any interruptions in IT become more costly and customer impacting. When your technology does not work for you it will have direct impact on your productivity and any money saved is lost.

Access to futuristic Tools using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

ITRemedy’s experience gained throughout the years can be valuable to your small business because ITRemedy team has built best practices in many areas throughout these years. ITRemedy has deployed state of the art tools driven by Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence to enable small businesses have access to same technology as large enterprises

Build a Solid Foundation with Forward looking Strategy

Most Small Business IT Systems lack stability and scalability to adopt to changing business needs and keep up with evolving security threats.

Partnering with ITRemedy will enable small business to have a proper assessment of their technology needs, intelligent strategic planning, and cost-effective strategy to upgrade IT Systems as business evolves. ITRemedy provides disaster management and planning as a mandatory service for all its clients with the focus on fast recovery in case of any disasters either natural or man made such as Ransomware.

Work with Solution Providers

ITRemedy team provides guidance and education to navigate through an increasingly complex maze of technology options available for accelerating business growth and improving productivity. ITRemedy is a service-based organization with proven partnerships and provides genuine guidance to small business by selling only services, not hardware and software products.

Last but not the least; Have the Freedom !!

ITRemedy’s comprehensive service documentation and commitment to knowledge transfer makes it easier for clients to move support to a different engineer or to a new IT service firm. ITRemedy team relies on solid documentation practices to deliver consistent support; for seamless transfer of IT services documentation is a key. This provides freedom to small business while transferring IT support to a new service provider or to take over support responsibilities internally. 

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