Cyber security – a very real risk for businesses today

Cyber security is a very real risk for businesses today, as we rely on technology more and move a lot of our information online. Small businesses are at risk from cyber criminals, who target them because their systems are probably easy to attack.

Unfortunately, many smaller companies do not invest time or money into protecting their systems and data. When you are busy and you are responsible for staff and the day to day business activities, it is hard to add something else to your priority list. 

In Texas, a law enacted at the beginning of 2020 requiring Texas businesses to disclose data breaches to individuals no later than 60 days after the breach. HB 3834 requires state and local government employees and state contractors to complete cybersecurity training. This shows how serious the threat is for TX based businesses and Governments.

Before you start putting your plan together, it is worth taking time to assess where you are now…

ITRemedy is committed to help Small Businesses quantify and prioritize the threat landscape and create a sustainable cyber security strategy.

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