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    How do your customers perceive your digital presence? How are you engaging them on the website? What marketing channels are working for you?

Data Analytics Services

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How do we deliver?

We leverage advanced big data and business intelligence tools to help clients extract actionable insights from diverse data sets . We enable organizations to consolidate massive volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data into a holistic environment that can be used for analysis, modelling and predicting .

Key Benefits

  • Enables small to mid size organization to have the same capabilities as larger organizations
  • More cost effective to business as our pricing is consumption based; prevents the need for costly upfront capital costs
  • Allows small business owners to make data driven decisions, a high-value activity.
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Business Value

Data analytics provide SMBs with incredibly detailed insights into all aspects of operations. For example, data analytics provides a detailed analysis of customer behavior. In turn, allows business owners to learn what motivates consumers to buy their products or services. This is incredibly valuable because small business owners can use this information to identify which marketing channels to focus on in the future (i.e., save on marketing spend while increasing revenue at the same time).

Data Analytics Service Catalog

Service Description

Develop Data Catalog, Data acquisition, data cleaning, conversion

Develop Data catalog to develop standards for metadata management. With a data catalog the analyst can search and find data quickly, see all the available datasets, evaluate and make informed choices for which data to use, and perform data preparation and analysis efficiently and with confidence.

Data modelling /algorithms

Provide data science related services . The service includes developing data models for predictive analysis followed by training data models using algorithms to improve their accuracy.

Reporting using Excel

This service enables reporting in excel spreadsheets using VBA. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language built into most of Microsoft Office products.  The service will enable VBA to control Excel – like connecting and querying a database and returning the results to the spreadsheet. For data already stored in an Excel worksheet, we will use macros in VBA to build reports and export them in a variety of file types with the press of one key

Reporting using PowerBI (Interactive Visualisations)

This service will  create visualizations and reports on either the desktop or in the cloud. However, creating and sharing dashboards (as well as sharing reports) only happens via the cloud service. Power BI also offers mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows) so you can view your reports and dashboards. Power BI will require a business email (it won’t accept non-commercial addresses like Gmail) and download the Windows-only desktop application. Power BI integrates with existing Microsoft Online credentials, which makes it even easier to manage if you’re already on Office 365.Power BI can connect to and work with hundreds of different data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, on-premise data sources (ex. SQL databases), streaming data, or online cloud services (Google Analytics, among dozens of others). Data tables can be pulled directly from some web pages as well.

Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning

This service will be an extension of Data science (Data Modelling/Algorithms) services applying models and algorithms to larger datasets to predict outcomes. There are many cloud-based platforms available that provides a selection of tool that are available for Data Analytics that can be configured to efficiently process huge quantities of data. This service will assist in preparing the right data based on desired objective into the platform, this data can be processed by analytics applications which can provide insight using analytical algorithms and machine learning.

Big Data Analytics

Setup analytics in larger cloud based Big data analytics platforms. These platforms are subscription based and enable small business owners to run on demand analytics.

Google Analytics

Setup, Monitoring and configuration of Google Analytics. It is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures such things as conversions and sales. It's the most widely used website statistics service.

Reporting (SQL Reports)

Develop reports to provide access to transaction data as well as historical data that resides in any of  centrally maintained systems.

Reporting, Data, and Analytics

This service provides support and guidance on data management activities . This includes Developing targeted information to support strategic and operational decision-making by helping establish metrics and dashboards to enable analysis and data for emerging trends.

Data Governance and Management

This service enable promoting best practices in data governance and data management through:

1. Facilitating conversations about data such as collecting new data, using data for new purposes, and identifying data gaps.
2.Providing a repository for business terms (i.e.  data dictionary).
3. Assessing data quality and profiling data to facilitate institutional and unit decisions.
4. Providing tools for business intelligence and reporting needs.

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