Security Assessment

The information security risk assessment and enterprise risk management processes are the core of the cybersecurity readiness. Cybersecurity is all about understanding, managing, controlling, and mitigating risk to your organization’s critical assets.

Network’s security assessments are required to find vulnerabilities in your Network. The purpose of a network security assessment is to keep your networks, devices, and data safe and secure by discovering any potential entry points for cyber-attacks — from both inside and outside your organization.

Our risks assessment process is designed to answer 3 critical questions: the importance of the assets at risk, how critical the threat is, and how vulnerable the system is to that threat.

Why do you need a security assessment?

  1. What you cannot measure cannot monitor! Security assessment identifies security gaps in your assets and network that pose a threat to your critical information. Based on a security assessment you can make better security decisions and take smarter proactive measures.
  2. Our security assessment process assesses the likelihood that a risky event will occur. With such a targeted information you can prioritize areas where resources need to be spent to minimize the risks. Because Small Businesses have a limited resource, security assessment is even more critical to deploy limited resources judiciously for maximum benefit.
  3. Last and not the least Security assessment are required by many compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA. By taking proactive security assessment you can minimize the risks of noncompliance and huge fines.
  4. For Cyber Insurance -The days where insurance meant only ‘Life’ and ‘Health’ are behind us. Today, modern businesses insulate themselves with cyber insurances that act as a barrier in case of a security incident and to protect them from financial loss.

Companies that provide these cyber insurances require a mandatory cyber risk assessment system in place before they issue their policies.

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