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According to 2019 Verizon Cybersecurity report 43% of the small business were Victims of Ransomware attacks. At ITRemedy we focus on providing Cybersecurity solutions with focus on Small businesses Small business owners have one primary focus: growing their business. That often means that they wear several hats at once — they’re opening the doors in the morning,  working with customers or employees all day, taking care of administrative tasks, and drumming up new business. They are focused primarily on customers and revenue. At ITRemedy we are passionate about keeping Small Business safe from complex Cyber threats; we provide access to same resources and services that large enterprises have.. We create an end-to-end strategy to protect small businesses from Cyber-threats covering traditional IT security, mobile protection, policy making, access control, Wi-Fi security, and more…



ITRemedy provides the security assessment with focus on small business needs; a security assessment can offer peace of mind by identifying and patching gaps in your security posture that you didn’t even know existed



Whether Cloud or on-premise, security Risks remain the same. ITRemedy can enable your organization to determine the threats that you should pay attention to, take the right action with personalized and contextualized event management plan.



Good cybersecurity isn’t easy. It takes planning, expertise and a holistic strategy. ITRemedy can empower small business to take a holistic approach by understanding what is most important to them and then structuring and supporting the security program with right priorities and in sustainable manner.

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