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    ITRemedy Remote Worker Support Services

ITRemedy Remote Worker Support Services

Providing support to your remote workers and end users is now more important than ever. According to Slack research, 83% of knowledge workers want a remote or hybrid-working model, while only 17% want to return to full-time office work. Templeton says business leaders, therefore, need to equip their teams with technology that enables them to do high-value work, autonomously and asynchronously – all while creating an open workplace that promotes knowledge sharing. Barracuda Networks has identified 13 types of threat that organizations face via email alone: spam, malware, data exfiltration, scamming, URL phishing, spear phishing, domain impersonation, brand impersonation, extortion, business email compromise (BEC), conversation hijacking, lateral phishing, and account takeover. Call ITRemedy today for a free assessment of your remote worker technology needs.

ITRemedy Remote Work Support Services

Remote Work Services

  • Remote network access : Virtual private networks are essential tools for allowing remote employees to safely connect to the company network.
  • Conferencing and collaboration solutions::Through our help desk services, ITRemedy can help employees install and configure webcams or digital cameras, microphones and speakers, and team collaboration client software.
  • Cloud support.: ITRemedy can provide guidance on selecting, implementing and configuring cloud applications and services.
  • Security : ITRemedy can help users install client security software on their devices, and we can ensure that application updates and patches are properly applied.

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  • Our team can provide more than just friendly staff support for your in-office and remote workforce. We also specialize in developing security, network, backup, and other components of a successful platform for remote employees..
  • ITRemedy provides remote as well as Onsite services depending on your situation and needs
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Remote Work Considerations

  • Develop an information security policy for remote workers.
  • Determine what level(s) of access will be permitted to the organization’s networks and how access will occur.
  • Determine if a virtual private network (VPN), remote desktop or portal exists and if not, determine if this technology is necessary for secure remote access to the organization’s network.
  • Consider your policy on client confidentiality.
  • Determine what tools are required to securely transfer documents or programs to other teammates or clients.
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