• IT Security and Infrastructure Management

    Best-in-class Managed Security
  • Disaster Recovery

    Prepare Your Organization For Unexpected Events
  • Advanced AI Surveillance

    Human Plus Artificial Intelligence Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Compliance Services

    Keep Your Organization Compliant With Regulations
IT MSP Service Provider

What We Provide

ITRemedy provides MSSP services, automated threat monitoring, detection, and response. We offer a seamlessly delivered group of services that account for all of an organization’s IT security needs.

As the single point of contact, we take responsibility for all security operations. ITRemedy will enable businesses restore their IT operations in case they are compromised or damaged.

Who We Work With

ITRemedy works with small businesses that have needs for advanced security and infrastructure protection.  Work directly with business owners to keep things simple and secure.

ITRemedy specializes in working with mid-sized companies that are seeking to outsource their security operations to a top-in-class MSSP. We work hand-in-hand with internal IT to ensure our services are a perfect fit.

Who we work with


Best-in-class Tools

ITRemedy provides a set of security tools and processes that are expertly vetted and tested. These tools are constantly evaluated and updated to ensure best-in-class security performance.

Our Security Team

Our employees are constantly required to improve their skills and pass certifications. We are constantly working within the industry to make sure they are top experts.

AI-Driven Threat Detection

We use best-in-class monitoring, detection, and threat response tools. This AI-driven solution continuously evolves according to new threat detection events.

Time In Business

Some of our customers have been with us for more than twenty years. The average service period for our customers is more than five years.

Cooperation with Internal IT

We respect our internal IT partners. We believe in knowledge and skill sharing. ITRemedy becomes a seamless part of their IT ecosystem.

Secure Data Center

We operate a private Cloud within a secure Data Center. This Data Center is SOC2 compliant. For backup, we have a second Data Center facility located in Dallas.

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We at ITRemedy believe strongly in partnerships. We combine our partner’s technologies and our productizing and service delivery capabilities to deliver a great solution to our customers. Its a win-win-win!

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