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Why Outsource IT

Let’s talk straight: diving into the IT and cybersecurity world can feel like wandering through a maze for any healthcare administrator. How about we make it simpler? Imagine teaming up with a Dallas-based IT crew that’s got your back, customizing everything so your tech vibes just right with your mission to keep patients first.

Now, with all those cyber scares popping up left and right, especially in healthcare, getting cozy with a local cybersecurity squad is more important than ever. These are the folks who live and breathe healthcare cybersecurity, ready to jump in with risk checks, policy setups, and making sure those medical gadgets are locked down tight.

Choosing managed IT services right here in Dallas? That’s your golden ticket to pushing the envelope with tech that’s all about powering up patient care, keeping that precious patient info safe, and making your day-to-day run smoother. Hand over the tech reins to a Dallas IT support team that knows healthcare inside out. This move? It’s all about boosting patient safety and trust, letting you zero in on delivering top-notch care, stress-free. How’s that for a game plan?

WHY IT Remedy

Choosing IT Remedy? It’s like having a tech-savvy friend who really gets the healthcare world. Here’s the deal: we’re all about giving healthcare providers in Dallas the kind of managed IT services that are just right for them. Think of us as your local go-to for everything tech, but with a serious knack for keeping things like patient data and medical devices safe and sound. We dive deep into cyber risk assessments and whip up cyber policies that keep things tight and right.

But here’s what really sets us apart: we’re right here in Dallas, always ready to jump in with support that’s all about making technology work for your patients. With IT Remedy, technology isn’t just about gadgets and gizmos; it’s about finding new ways to make patient care better. So, let us take the tech worries off your plate. That way, you can focus on what you do best – taking care of folks. How’s that for a breath of fresh air?

We here to help you

    Our Partner
    IT Remedy has partnered with Emeritus

    Exciting things are happening at IT Remedy. We have partnered Emeritus. Under our new partnership, we will continue to provide Managed IT and IT security services while growing our expertise in high regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, finance, and manufacturing technology and data support services. We offer a seamlessly delivered group of services that account for all of your organization’s IT management and security needs.

    As your single point of contact, we take responsibility for all IT support and security operations. We enable businesses to extract maximum value from their IT infrastructure. More importantly, our proactive team approach looks ahead to ensure your systems are optimized to help grow your business in a efficiently and securely. Explore our services today!

    Encountering a problem? We've got you covered!
    Power of One

    One Contract. One Contact Embrace the simplicity and strength of unity with our "Power of One" approach. Imagine having just one contract, one point of contact, and one dedicated tech support company that seamlessly manages all your IT, cybersecurity, and medical device maintenance needs. This streamlined strategy eliminates the complexity and clutter of dealing with multiple vendors, enabling a more focused and efficient management of your clinic's technology infrastructure. By consolidating your tech needs with us, you enjoy enhanced coordination, quicker response times, and a unified strategy that aligns with your healthcare goals, ensuring your clinic operates smoothly and securely.

    Call us to perform maintenance for:

    • Vital Signs Monitors
    • Patient Scales
    • Defibrillators
    • Stretchers
    • Exam Tables
    • Exam Lights
    • And more…
    Something Broken

    When something breaks in the realm of healthcare IT, the ripple effects can be immediate and far-reaching. Healthcare administrators know all too well the urgency of resolving such issues swiftly to maintain the continuum of care and protect patient data. A broken system can lead to halted operations, compromised patient care, and significant financial losses. It's not just about fixing what's broken; it's about understanding the critical nature of the system to the healthcare facility's function. This is where the expertise and rapid response of a dedicated IT support company become invaluable, ensuring minimal downtime and swift restoration of services.


    Moving a healthcare facility or even upgrading its IT infrastructure requires meticulous planning and execution to avoid disruptions in patient care. For healthcare administrators, the challenge lies in ensuring that all systems are back online and fully operational as quickly as possible. This includes secure data migration, setup of medical devices, and seamless integration of IT systems in the new or updated environment. A reliable IT partner specializing in healthcare transitions can make all the difference, offering peace of mind through expert project management, from planning through to execution, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising care or data integrity.

    Cyber Attack

    In the event of a cyber attack, the stakes couldn't be higher for a healthcare facility. Such incidents not only threaten patient privacy and trust but also put the facility at risk of significant legal and financial repercussions. Healthcare administrators need a proactive and robust cybersecurity strategy in place, designed to prevent, detect, and respond to threats swiftly. Having an IT support company with specialized expertise in healthcare cybersecurity can be a game-changer, providing the necessary defenses against sophisticated cyber threats and ensuring compliance with stringent healthcare regulations, thus safeguarding the facility's reputation and operational continuity.

    Slow Response from Current IT Company

    A slow response from a current IT company can be incredibly frustrating and detrimental in the fast-paced healthcare environment. Healthcare administrators require immediate action to IT issues to prevent any impact on patient care or operational efficiency. Delays can result in system downtimes, reduced staff productivity, and potentially endanger patient safety. An IT support partner that prioritizes rapid response times and offers 24/7 support can transform this challenge into a strength, ensuring that IT issues are addressed promptly and effectively, minimizing their impact on the facility's operations and maintaining the high standards of care expected by patients and staff alike.

    Need to Upgrade

    The need to upgrade IT infrastructure is an ongoing concern for healthcare administrators. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, staying current is essential for enhancing patient care, improving operational efficiency, and maintaining a competitive edge. Upgrades can range from software updates to complete system overhauls, each requiring careful planning and execution to minimize disruptions. Partnering with an IT support company that understands the unique needs of healthcare facilities can streamline this process. Such a partner can provide strategic advice on the latest technologies, manage the upgrade process smoothly, and ensure that the new systems deliver the desired improvements in performance and security, enabling healthcare administrators to focus on their core mission of patient care

    Our Services

    Here is a breakdown our services into bite-sized pieces that you, as a busy healthcare administrator, can quickly grasp. Think of this as your go-to list for making sure your facility's tech is not just up and running, but also safe and sound:

    1 Business Network Monitoring
    Automated Support: Imagine having a guardian angel watching over your workstations 24/7. This service keeps an eye out for any tech hiccups and fixes them before you even know there’s an issue. Plus, it keeps your software up-to-date and your systems clean and speedy.
    2 Domain Protection
    It’s like having a bouncer at the door of your internet, keeping spam and phishing scams out, making sure only the good stuff gets through.
    3 Office 365
    Get the whole Microsoft Office suite and a ton of storage space. It’s all the tools you need for your team to create, collaborate, and share work, all in one place.
    4 Threat Protection
    This is like having a top-notch security system for your digital world. If a cyber threat sneaks in, it sets off an alarm, and we’re on it, making sure it’s kicked out and your systems are safe.
    5 Zero Trust Protection
    Trust no one. Well, when it comes to software and scripts running on your network, that is. If it’s not on the guest list (approved by us), it’s not getting in.
    6 Email Protection
    Keeps your email safe from spam and phishing attacks with some of the best filters out there. It’s like having a personal email bodyguard.
    7 Cyber Awareness Training
    We keep your team sharp on the latest tricks hackers use, so they don’t get fooled into letting them in.
    8 Backup/Recovery
    Think of this as your ultimate safety net. All your important data is backed up nightly, so if something goes wrong, we can get you back on your feet in no time.
    9 Server Management
    Keeps your servers updated and running smoothly, reducing the chance of any tech troubles that could slow you down.
    10 Medical Device Cybersecurity
    We keep a close eye on all your medical devices, making sure they’re safe from cyber threats and working as they should, keeping patient data safe and secure.
    11 Periodic Business Reviews
    Regular check-ins to go over everything from ticket resolutions to future tech needs, ensuring we’re always on the same page and moving forward together.
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