• Hosted Server and
    Desktop Services

    Hosted in ITRemedy Data Center in Plano

ITRemedy Virtual Server and Desktop Services

Get all the benefits of virtual environments offered by  ITRemedy  on a complete turnkey basis. ITRemedy can setup required servers and desktops in their secured data center locally here in Dallas/Plano.  Our virtual server hosting reduces your physical infrastructure costs, consolidates servers and optimizes infrastructure. Get all the benefit of Cloud computing without burdening your organization’s resources!! ITRemedy provides Cloud hosting services on a fixed monthly cost all the time. Our virtual environments provide scalability and affordability to keep your business competitive.

What are Hosted Services?

“Hosted services” is the general term for technology services with infrastructure located outside the recipient’s physical location. The servers facilitating this service are located at ITRemedy’s data center in Plano,TX. The hosted services are accessed by the customer through a direct network connection, such as a virtual private network (VPN), remote desktop, etc.).

Hosted services can include anything from application such as Quick Books, storage, and more. The infrastructure that supports hosted services includes software, network capacity, storage, hardware, servers, and networking components. This infrastructure is used to deliver services to offsite clients. ITRemedy maintains servers, backups and security for all hosted applications.

Virtual or Cloud based infrastructure increases operational flexibility and responsiveness, improves business continuity, and security.

ITRemedy Hosted Services

ITRemedy Hosted Services

ITRemedy Hosted Services

  • Virtual desktop provisioning
  • Virtual Server Provisioning
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Virtual application hosting
  • leading-edge equipment and technology for all our hosted virtual services

Hosted Desktop Services

  • Starting at $24.95/month, fully managed virtual desktops from ITRemedy come with a virtualization technologies from Microsoft with a look and feel of Windows 10.
  • Dedicated machine with self-installation of applications along with Office 365; super-fast SSD storage; secure and reliable infrastructure; daily backups; including 24/7 extensive support by phone, email, and chat.
Hosted desktop services
Hosted Server or applications

Hosted Server or Applications

  • Application provisioning
  • Secure remote access provisioning
  • 4 -9’s availability


IT Operating Models


The Organization owns all or a major part of the IT platform that can be mix of different types of hardware:

Fully Owned: The Organization owns, manages and operates the data center and all of the hardware.

Partially owned: The organization owns the IT hardware, but a third party owns and operates the data center, which can be done through colocation services.

Outsourced: The organization may own or lease the hardware in an owned or shared data center, but a third party operates that platform.


A third party owns the platform and data center; the organization installs and operates the applications as necessary.


A third party owns the data center, platform and some part of the software stack:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) : Provides access to a pool of elastic resources on which the organization can install operating systems and other parts of a software stack.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) : Provides access to a platform that already includes a higher degree of the software stack, enabling the organization t install and run applications or services on it.

Software as a Service (SaaS): Provides access to a hosted software environment, in which the provider manages everything except for the addition, change or deletion of users.

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